Much to be Desired

South Leeward Carnival Launchingfoam

Dzia Night Club

May 24th 2014

May is almost over and it seemed as though all the Rural Carnivals throughout the island, were rushed into the last two weeks left in the month. I would expect that following the Official Launch of Vincy Mas at the end of April, Rurals would  take over until Miss SVG at the end of May, but alas, reason does not always prevail in these matters.

I was excited on Saturday to go to the South Leeward Carnival launch because it’s in my hood and because the launch events of the previous years held at Dzia had been really good. This year left much to be desired. It turned out to be not so much the launching of this areas Carnival, as it was just another foam party.

We arrived at the venue some time after 1:00 a.m. The Questelles Block was buzzing and vehicles were parked along the main road. There was not a shortage of people and we could tell that the party was swinging. The Foam Fete was located on the inside so soapy water could be seen leaking from under the main entrance.

King Kofi of Hyperactive Sounds was on the turn tables and flattening the fete. It was hot in there… in more ways than one. The floor was wet and foamy and there were girls in leotards and short shorts under the foam machine behaving the worst. I tolerated the heat for about an hour before heading outside.

I left Kofi inside demolishing the dance floor and made a bee line for the bar, I wasn’t the only one. The yard was soon filled with patrons escaping the sweltering dance floor. It was a shame that they had no music on the outside, all that could be heard was the buzz of conversation and the faint sounds of music coming from the inside. There were also a couple of Real Madrid fans walking around in their jerseys repping for their team’s win of the Champions League Cup earlier that day, Shout out all the Madrid fans.

While cooling down and sipping on Sparrows and ginger ale I could faintly hear Skinny Banton’s Saltfish sending the people on the inside wild. Kofi was playing Soca, I was so tempted to go back in, but nah. I really was disappointed, I felt deceived. This wasn’t a carnival Launch!! I suppose I would not have felt this way If I knew beforehand that I was just, plain and simply, going to the club.

I finished my drink and got back home to watch the final episodes of the Freeza Saga of Dragon Ball Z before going to bed.


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