Soca Swing: The Big People Party

Soca Swing

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

Victoria Park

June 1st 2014


My Sunday Night was well spent in the Victoria Park with Hitz 103.7  FM and the Island Network family, at what felt like the first proper Carnival fete in the Park for the season. Soca Swing this year was a Big people fete, featuring Farmer Nappy out of TnT and the Rolly Polly King himself, Mr. Killa from Greenz. The Soca Swing that featured every Vincy act with a hit song and no foreign artiste, seems to be a thing of the past and in my humble opinion sadly so. It seems to me,  if the promoter isn’t importing talent, they feel like the show isn’t big enough, and to be honest I don’t think Soca Swing needed that. But hey! We do what’s trendy I suppose.

That issue aside, I had a pretty good time. Dr. Fugitive was the MC for the night; this guy is not my favorite MC okay. I just wanted to make that clear.  The venue was packed, and the Soca Hooligans came out in their uniforms; shorts, tees and long socks. The Hitz Fm  DJ’s played pretty well until the acts started flowing.

That new kid from the Vykins Band, Vincy Marshall, was first up with his hit ‘Faith’. He repped for himself pretty well. Wizz Skyd, Royal and Keith Currency also  delivered. I particularly love Wizz’s performance of  ‘Feteologist’. Royal brought the madness to the stage and even dropped a few Problem Child flavors, bigging up Problem as a  Soca hero.  Keith Currency danced his heart out up there, you can just tell that this youth is a real life, party animal.

Bomani also hit the stage delivering some of his hit songs. Vocally, he seemed to be having an off night but his performance was just as entertaining as it usually is. The Stinger Man Skarpyon was not to be left out; he displayed his versatility and range as an artiste with a hard and a soft side.  The LIME Soca Dans  seems to be dominating the scene so far this year, headlining a number of shows this season.  I’m always happy to see Hans, his Soca Swing performance was just full of energy and he owned that stage.

A lot of people came out to the show too, I got to see and lime with folks I hadn’t seen for a good long minute. Even the bar soon ran out of Sparrows leaving me high, dry  and drinking vodka. That old faithful Soca Swing crowd isn’t going anywhere guys.

The final acts came on stage after a short  DJ interlude.  Farmer Nappy the Big People Party man came to the stage and gave us some of his newer tunes and some old songs from his Xtatic days.; a really good set. The General Skinny Fabulous then entertained us. The crowd was super excited for his performance of ‘Red Button’, this seems to be the track that’s going to do damage this year.  Finally Mr. Killa closed the show, he did a few songs but basically performed Rolly Polly the whole time. Killa has a potty mouth and his dialogue was somewhat amusing. I wasn’t so inclined to stick out the rest of his performance though,  as I truly felt Rolly Polly saturation. We left the park with Killa on stage,  it was late anyway and I had work early that morning.



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