There Can be Only One

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

Miss SVG

Victoria Park

May 31, 2014

This year, the Beauty Shows Committe staged the 59th Miss SVG Pagent. This is the show where everyone dresses to impress, patrons decide well in advance what they’re going to wear. Unfortunately CDC (Carnival Development Committee) didn’t put as much thought into the stage backdrop as most patrons put into their outfit. It was laughable to say the least. The show did run smoothly however, and thankfully so because this can be quite a long package.

I went to Carnival City rooting for Miss LIME, Shadeisha George. As usual the show started on time. It was hosted by Miss SVG 2002 the very pregnant LaFern Fraser, and Jamisha Wright. They both did a good job but LaFern was just exceptional. The 8 contestants made their introductory appearance in a variety of costumes accompanied by Avenues Dancers. The usual carnival costumes were not used this year; CDC at its finest really. Opening formalities included Luke Brown and the Star Lift Steel Orchestra who began their performance with Becket’s classic ‘Carnival History’, an ironic reminder to CDC perhaps, that ’Carnival is MAS and music’.

The young ladies then fluttered back on stage in their swim wear. Shiny metallic pieces, some gold some silver, all very sexy. Miss Mustique Co Ltd, Karla Gellizeau won this category and understandably so, she had legs for days and just the right amount of curves. She looked flawless in the monoikini. I think Miss Lotto deserves an honorable mention for this category as well.

Syxx was the next guest act before the talent category. This year the talent was far better than last year, although that doesn’t say much, because ANYTHING would be better than last year. There were the ‘singers’ and the ‘dancers’ and the monologues. In fact, a favorite of the evening was one such speech about the World Boss and his influence on youth by Shackell Bobb.

The winning talent, an acrobatic piece done by Shadeisha George, was quite different as far as Miss SVG talent performances go. I suppose that helped, but I wasn’t so impressed, simply because I know what an aerial silk performance is supposed to look like, she seemed quite awkward and uncomfortable for most of it. Tatiana Lespierre’s recital of a poem about marijuana was just a total failure. Apart from being dressed like the wife of  Swamp Thing and shouting the entire poem, I had no idea where she was going with the piece or what she was saying, we were all lost. That was my least favorite talent.

The musical interlude provided by Brian Maloney was awesome, his rendition of ‘All of Me’ by John Legend was a hit. Comic relief was provided by CandyMan a.k.a ‘ Not Khalil Cato’ reading the evening’s “news”. This man needs to have his own show, I for one would pay good money to see CandyMan featured in a stand up comic show.

The contestants then graced the stage in their evening dresses for the interview segment.  For the first time in Miss SVG history, the dresses were prejudged on hangers before the show for neatness and finish. The descriptions of the dresses being read sounded muffled and I had to struggle to hear the details, but maybe that was just me going deaf after all the shouting.

Fellisia Baptiste came first, her carriage was poor but the dress fit nicely. Both of her answers left me feeling confused and struggling to remember what the question was in the first place. Shackell Bobb gave the best answers for this segment and copped the sash for best interview. Shadeisha’s dress was just stunning, although I feared that it had gone over some people’s head. Kimon Baptiste had done it again; Shadeisha was wearing a regal piece of African inspired art, truly fit for a Queen. Her answers however … not so much. Miss Super Six, Vanika Hope wore my least favorite gown, it was just untidy, and the poor dress knew it was ugly because it almost fell apart on stage. Luckily she caught her self quickly and managed to avoid a severe wardrobe malfunction. her interview was also a mess. probably because she was flustered by her fluttering, chiffon mess of a dress.

The main guest performance for the night was provided by Rodney Small and the Ultimate Band and it was a top class presentation. The female vocalist rocked the house and Keido was in his element singing Soul and RnB. At the end of his set Rodney introduced Skinny Fabulous as our cultural ambassador to the stage. The crowd went wild. Skinny admitted that he was crashing the show but I was appalled by his attire. It just wasn’t good enough; in comparison to everyone else at the venue and especially following Rodney’s classy act, he looked shabby in a basic white tee and grey pants. I thought it was somewhat disrespectful. Our cultural ambassador couldn’t find a shirt or jacket to throw on for the occasion?? Come On!!

Last year’s Queen Shara George, gave a lovely speech, draped in a lovely dress for her final walk. Then, the moment of truth finally arrived, Miss LIME Shadeshia George was crowned Miss SVG, with Miss Mustique Co. Ltd. Karla Gellizeau as first runner up and Miss Agricultural Input Warehouse Shackell Bobb as second runner up, but there can be only one Miss SVG. I was fairly satisfied with the results although I felt that Bobb was out-front, at the end of the night, judges tally scores and the person with the highest scores win, even if they win by 1 point. I expected all three ladies to do well and they did, the question of who placed where, is a matter of mathematics. Congratulation to them all. Vincentians need to learn to take these things in stride. It’s a beauty pageant after all,  not the Hunger Games.


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