Stubbs Jump Up: Epic Fail

Stubbs Evening Jump UP
Stubbs Evening Jump UP

Stubbs Evening Street Jump Up

9th June 2014



What transpired on the main road between Diamond and the Stubbs Playing Field on Whit Monday was absolutely unacceptable. Dj’s are making a mockery of the festival and it makes me angry. That had to have been the worst jump up I’ve ever been to. By all accounts I should have gone to North Leeward or to Beliar if I wanted a good jam.

First off the system on the truck was subpar. Perhaps they couldn’t help it; maybe it was all they could afford. I don’t know, but even this would have been overlooked if the quality of the jump up was better.

My primary problem had to do with the music being played. There were supposedly DJs on the truck but it seemed like someone was just playing a few tracks from their ipod Shuffle, repeating the same short playlist over and over. This year a large number of high quality tunes were released but only a handful were played on the road.

We consistently ask artist to produce higher quality sound and better content and for the most part they have delivered. This is why I am still struggling to understand what could have caused the Djs on the truck to play only 4 or 5 tunes from this year. Everything else was either Trinidad Soca or songs from years gone by. And let’s not talk about this ‘Peel banana’ nonsense, Milo was allowed to assault our ears on the truck for entirely too long. Why? Why demand that artists step their game up, only to  promote instead this kind of foolery, or to ignore their efforts altogether?

I love Red Button, but Lord Gosh guys!!! Are they aware that there were other songs produced this year? Please don’t make me tire of a perfectly awesome song. One would think that you would hear ‘Ride it’, ‘Ready for the Road’ and other Fresh Kid tunes. In fact I expected to hear him giving it to us live and direct from the truck. He is from that area after all, he was right there chipping behind the truck. Sadly such an obvious move was not made.

Its Vincy Mas 2014 isn’t it? That means that we came on the road to party to all the new Vincy soca that we have grown to love over the past few weeks. Apparently this is some sort of challenge to dj’s. Why do I have to go to a Carnival Jump Up and endure P- Square, or a bunch of old foreign tunes. The most unfortunate thing about the whole situation is that it’s not unique to the Stubbs Jump Up but seems to be quite the thing these days.

It was so bad that many persons simply walked out of the jam and left. For many of us going home was a better choice and I would have, if I were not so determined to see what would take place once we reached the Playing Field. I paid dearly for that curiosity because believe me, that would most likely be my last visit to Stubbs for any reason, especially to party. I can’t deal with Stubbs and it’s residents. What went on at the venue was almost as bad as what transpired on the road getting there, the nonsense simply continued on the Playing Field.

This is our Carnival; we all must hold ourselves to a certain standard. Dj’s, artists, producers and patrons alike are just as responsible for the components of the festival as any Carnival Cooperation. If my Stubbs Jump Up experience was any indicator of the state of affairs, then we are worse off than I thought.


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