Kids love their Uncle Skinny

Photo taken from I-Witness News
Photo taken from I-Witness News

Uncle Skinny’s Kids World

Victoria Park

14th  June 2014


This year Uncle Skinny Fabulous came back to Victoria Park on Saturday . Carnival City was transformed into a children’s fantasy world with games, bouncing castles, food stalls, water slides, go-carts, music and mascots. Colin Graham was the MC, he always does a fabulous job and DJ Captain John of Team Energy Overload provided the music. This would be our third year attending. I don’t do it for me, please believe, I do it for my girl and this year she brought along a friend. It’s always an exhausting experience for me and a fulfilled one for them, but worth every minute.

The fair was re-branded this year, formally known as ‘Uncle Skinny’s Kids Carnival’; the promoter now opted to go with ‘Uncle Skinny’s Kids World’. Quite the appropriate change I think, as it’s now a truer reflection of the event as a massive children’s fair, as opposed to a ‘kids Carnival’ as it may be interpreted in our culture. I had always found issue with the previous name due to the fact that it is held during our traditional Carnival season but really contained very little carnival components. I’m sure you can see the conflict there. It would be truly excellent however if aspects of our festival could be incorporated into the fair. I look forward to seeing the CDC or the future custodians of Carnival having discussions with the promoter to encourage this.

The girls came to my house around 10:00 a.m pumped and ready to rock, I was nowhere near ready to leave the house.  The morning was a tad bit rainy but nothing that would discourage us from going. We were among the first to enter the park, and my girl and her friend had a total blast. We like to get their early to avoid the enormous lines. I basically walked around with them, paying for stuff they bought and holding their winnings, making sure that they were safe and having a good time.

They got their face painted by Jasmine, one of the face paint artist, she did a fantastic job, the girls were just adorable. They played games and won a bunch of prizes. I ran out of space to put all the stuffed animals. Those kids have crazy accurate aim.  The stalls were more expensive than years gone by but I had anticipated this. The crowd wasn’t as big as the past years though, I suppose people are now more interested in the concert at the end of the day, than they are in the fair.  It wasn’t until about 3:00 p.m that people started flooding the venue just in time really for the concert which began at 5:00.

We didn’t get to take any pictures with the mascots, chiefly because the girls only wanted to hang with The Minions (my girls are cool) and they weren’t scheduled to come out until sometime after 4:00. We didn’t stick around for that. After they exhausted themselves on the trampoline and bouncing castle we had lunch compliments KFC’s Chickey then watched the go-cart races.  We made our way out of there after four hours of fun my bag and arms full of loot and the girls tired but happy.

We were not around for the concert this time but I’m sure it was quite the show, dancing mascots and Soca performances from various artists including Uncle Skinny himself. This year there was a cast of young performers, from violinist to dancers and singers. This, I’m sure was particularly good and quite a commendable move by Uncle Skinny. The concert at the end of Uncle Skinny’s Kids World has  always been  intensely fun and judging from the videos I’ve seen on instagram, they haven’t broken tradition.


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