Soca Rave


Black Rave:The Golden Journey

Victoria Park

14th June 2014


After taking the girls to Uncle Skinny during the day, Saturday night was my time to rave out in Victoria Park. Stick Man Entertainment did it again, Black Rave was a hit.

There was a huge cast of artist both local and foreign. We arrived to catch Demus on stage. His performance of ‘Drinking Problems’ was so convincing, he always sounds drunk anyway, I love it.  Mad Skull was a favorite of mine, ‘Family’ is such a big song; one of the better songs for the season and he did it justice. I was a little disappointed with Wizz Skid’s performance, he has done better and I expected him to bring his A-game to the Black stage.

During Tamisha’s performance I realized that her new track, ‘Doh Mash It Up’ reminded me of Fya Empress’ ‘Rum Please’ and it dawned on me that she was not a part of the show. Something I found quite strange. I suppose there are many other shows to come and I can imagine that her fans look forward to seeing her on stage soon.

I was particularly pleased with Danielle’s set. It was truly a top class performance complete with pyrotechnics and choreographed dancers. Danielle seems to be on the top of her game this year. The little dancer she brought on stage during ‘Ah Rude’ was absolutely adorable right up until she turned her back to the crowd and started whining, that’s when it got slightly uncomfortable.

There were a number of dj’s on the show as well. The all played for about 10 minutes. The talent was pretty good. I was really impressed with Simple Sounds a duo from the Leeward side of the island. Their brand of performance juggling was quite entertaining. 2 Kool was in his zone playing soca and Team Energy Overload had one of the better intros for the night to their fast paced set. DJ Steven was the guest act. Official dj for Machel Montano and another Trini with Vincentian roots (Lyrikal’s dad is a Vincy), held his own and delivered quite an exciting set.

There was one huge problem though. The local dj’s played very little local songs. Granted the time was short and it was a show with quite a few artists on cast but honestly that’s no excuse I was just extremely peeved. This is our festival and we should push our music. We have scores of great songs that could be played. Aren’t they good enough? Honestly If I were a visiting Trinidadian I would be so proud see how music from my country was running Vincy Mas.

5 Star Akil gave us a surprisingly good performance, for some reason I wasn’t expecting much but I was impressed. Jamesy-P, dropped a bomb on the Rave stage. ‘Bang Them’ instantly connected with the people, this one is going to be a hit guys.  Hypa 4000 shared his stage with Skinny Banton the Salt fish president, whose entrance was somewhat anticlimactic. He engaged the crowd with a number if clever a-cappella verses before he delivered full blast his salt fish anthem.

Luta was great, what can I say, he is quite the consistent performer. Dressed in a brown tee for most of his performance, although not the only one  not dressed in black, I felt this was him just returning the courtesy to Skinny for showing up in grey for White on the Dock. I have to admit I was mildly amused. I see what you did there Luta. Edwin Yearwood was just magnificent he had the entire park partying our hearts out.

The show picked up pace with Fireman Hooper, a crowd favorite. Bunji Garlin and his Asylum band, regulars on Black Rave were just amazing. Bunji was great, he even took the time to point out to producer Kubiyashi that Vincys can get on bad to the slower paced soca tunes that he is known worldwide for. The crowd lost themselves to ‘Redlight District’, ‘Differentology’ and ‘ Carnival Tabanca’

Things got really interesting when Problem Child hit center stage. Problem’s live voice isn’t the best but the people love his songs. I was quite surprised when he invited Royal to join him on stage, as rumor had it that the head of the Ready Up Family was no longer on the show. I’m sure that ruffled some feathers and if you think that Problem has no blinking behavior and no discipline, then I’ll have to say that he told you so. I was thoroughly entertained and not just because of his stunt, Royal did a great job also. I could well imagine though, that not everyone was amused.

Skinny Fabulous and Lyrikal closed the show with a bang. Skinny painted the park red and lit up the atmosphere with good vibes. The crowd went wild, it was total madness.  He even bragged to the foreigners about how Vincentians “doh party norma’l”, the Soca Hooligans were having the best time with their General on stage.

Black Rave is now becoming a fixture in Vincy Carnival and a show that nobody wants to miss. Overall it was quite an awesome event.






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