An Evening of Pan and Soca (Sort of)

South Leeward Rural Carnival: Pan and Soca ConcertImage

Dzia Night Club

21st June 2014


After an unfortunate incident, where a young man was killed during the ‘pre jouvert’ festivities (whatever that is) organized by the South Leeward Rural Carnival Committee, we were all worried about whether or not they would be allowed to have any more events this season. Our worries were put to rest when they announced an evening of Pan and Soca on the Dzia Nightclub Compound to be held on Saturday 21st. This was to be followed by another foam party later that evening and the Evening jump up the following day,  Sunday 22nd.

I quite enjoy pan, so naturally on Saturday evening the only place for me to be was inside Dzia in Questelles, to enjoy some of the best tuned pans around. Symphonix the resident steel band was to be our entertainment. Once again I was disappointed with the organization. We got there late and still had to wait about an hour for them to fully set up and start playing. When they did it seemed to be a run down and practice of their panorama songs instead of the mini steel pan concert I was expecting.  The idea was an excellent one. The execution however really needed some help.

We did get a taste of their senior panorama number ‘Ah Doh care’ by Winston Soso, which was a really fun arrangement indeed. I look forward to hearing them full and finished on Thursday July 3rd at Steel and Glitter. Their junior selection is a Black Sand favorite of mine ‘Get on Bad’ which they will be performing at Junior Pan Fest on Sunday June 29th.  I believe that the youngsters would play wonderfully at both events. I hope persons will come out to support them, although I have a feeling that turn out for Jr. Pan especially will be poor, due to that fact that it’s the day after Wet fete and the same day as Soca on the Beach. It would appear that the entire national festival (not just the Rurals) need some attention with regards to its organization.

The situation with the pan was somewhat frustrating and we didn’t stick around for the Soca segment. As far as South Leeward Rural Carnival goes, the most I can say is that it is known as one of the biggest and better Rural Carnivals but may soon lose that accolade due to poor preparation. I am aware of the challenges they face from the CDC in terms of Rural schedules, but  I’m hoping that perhaps they are just generally having a bad year and that next year there would be an improvement.


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