Why I Missed the Alkaline Show

 While most of the back-to-schoolers, Alkaline curious and Alkaline fans were heading to the Victoria Park on Saturday night, for the Guinness My Life Concert, I was out to dinner.flowt

Naphtali Promotions backed by the Brewery presented the ‘Batty Wash’ DJ. By all reports the turnout certainly could have been better, but the crowd was pleased and perhaps pleasantly surprised by his level of performance.  He delivered his tracks backed by K-Netics and performed his songs without much of the wheeling-and-pulling- up and other such habits that some Dance-Hall artists practice. Not that the wheel and pull up is a bad thing, but at concerts, patrons usually expect a performance of the songs by the artists and not so much of the  DJ type presentation that may be common at other kinds of stage shows.

I did manage to get some details of the show although I didn’t go to the concert, partly because I’m not at all a fan of the tattooed eye Jamaican (somethings about the Youth I just cah take) but also because I had a romantic dinner planned. I did very briefly consider going, but couldn’t give myself enough reasons why I should. We went to Flowt Beach Bar and Grill located at the now Blue Lagoon Hotel and Moorings. Quite the lovely location. We sat in the enchantingly lit dining area, located on platforms right on the beach, dinner on the docks right under the stars on a beautiful night; talk ’bout’ romance.

The casual atmosphere encouraged comfort and easy conversation, Flowt is the perfect spot to hang with close friends or to bring the family, eat drink and laugh the night away. We ordered drinks and enjoyed the calm of the seaside as we awaited our dinner. Just as we were talking about how nice some music would have been, Cincy Lauper started crooning from the bushes, which turned out to be some cleverly placed speakers, quite the nice touch.

The service was great, the food arrived quickly and was delicious as well as surprisingly economical. if you haven’t been to Flowt Beach Bar and Grill, I suggest you grab a friend pick a clear night and go.


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