Grown and Sexy

Grown & Sexy grown sexy

Huffles Ranch

Friday September 6th 2014


Island Weekend hit up one of our favorite spots on Friday night Huffles Ranch.  Team 97 were in the building starting September with a little Grown and Sexy.

Parking was easy and security was tight as is customary at Huffles Ranch. The turnout was great; Chemical X and Team Energy Overload fans came out to Huffles to hear some of their favorite Hot 97 DJs rock the Ranch.  The venue wasn’t over crowded though and we were able to party fairly comfortably. The VIP was turnt all the way up and the ladies were live, this must have been Captain John’s doing.

Bar service was good, although the bar was a little crowded we didn’t have to wait too long to be served. We can’t go out to the Ranch and not have some of Huffles’ special fry chicken, it’s always delish, some of the best wings in the country.

Chemical played first and started the party off right. Captain John and Colombian delivered quite a dynamic set, mixing genres regularly and closed with a bang. The music was good the vibe was great and the party goers certainly enjoyed themselves.


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