One of our favorite Soca artists Benji, was here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines over the weekend to film his Phenomenal video. Phenomenal is quite possible his hottest release for TnT’s carnival 2015, as well as a hit here in Vincy. He even made time to treat patrons at the Huffles Ranch with a short performance on Friday night.  Not only is he a long time Vincentian crowd favorite but Benji also has Vincentian roots. #IsWeFamily

Peep some behind the scenes photos of Benji and the phenomenal team on location at the Argyle construction site. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Photography by Rohan Bellingy of I-Candi Pictures 
Overhead Photography & Video Direccted by MILCvision


10917876_382986498542571_2637247063930792551_n 10923389_382987088542512_3521135243169393122_n 10422418_382986075209280_1850948720976892092_n 10923678_382997851874769_7255136002305687871_n 10600498_382986525209235_7431203497059833183_n 10686668_382983481876206_9092421388040627582_n 10915172_382511691923385_2343366556550124913_n 10923389_382987088542512_3521135243169393122_n 10926450_382986185209269_5976574996020092050_n


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