The Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 2015 gets going at the Frangipani Hotel  today with pan music by the Elite Steel Orchestra. The Music Festival would run for the next three days with the action moving between The Reef in Lower Bay and the Bequia Beach Hotel in Friendship Beach.

Friday features the Mustique Blues Festival in Bequia, with Dana Gillespie and the London Blues Band in the spot light along with Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges and Ian Siegal. Saturday at the Live Afternoon Jam by the beach, Friendship Beach is open to all to enjoy acts like Gem, who recently represented St. Vincent at the All for One Caribbean event in Martinique, The Country Relatives, Bacchus Band, Patches Knights and more.

Saturday night is Bequia’s Big Music Night and features Edwin Yearwood from Krosfyah as the headliner. It all culminates on Sunday night with the Grand Mt. Gay Party finale and performances by the Bequia Blues Band, the amazing pianist Andy Cruickshank and the legend of calypso Winston Soso.

Besides the headliners, throughout the Festival, patrons can look forward to seeing acts such as , Dino Baptiste and the Bequia Kids Steel Pan Orchestra.



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