2014 triple crown winner Fireman Hooper will soon be dropping a music video for ‘Rum Meeting’. The video will be produced by MILCvision, the same local production company behind Benji’s ‘Phenomenal visuals. A prominent feature in the video will be none other than Sunset Strong and from the pics below St. Vincent Distillers facilitated the meeting.

Check a few behind the scenes shots filmed at the rum factory.

11711_388416481332906_8914287461886333810_n 1625526_388416234666264_5266078034596480173_n (1) 10247199_388416437999577_8219294088468324483_n 10325724_388416524666235_656920399931149874_n 10361459_388416454666242_6646868392093975851_n 10377442_388416391332915_2760927187281896767_n 10384915_388416341332920_8183666346866841317_n 10423693_388416581332896_3137168943172022532_n 10427220_388416607999560_6997884093290082180_n 10940425_388416327999588_5330192382878141958_n 10945643_388416301332924_3751258763575012148_n 10957743_388416247999596_5538442034585211350_n


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