Stock Associations

Stock Associates is the first Mixtape based on music produced and mixed/mastered  by New York based, Stockroom Productionz and is simply put a very good project. Vincentian producer Shem Thomas, owner of Stockroom Productionz and group member of the versatile 5 Star Generals is the mastermind and producer behind this Mixtape.  Shem a.k.a Stamina Smurf may now be most renowned for his Bajan Party Monarch winning production ‘I’ve Got My Rum’ by Gorg and is currently nominated for the Producer of the Year award by the SVG Association for Music Professionals. Stock Associates is a Hip Hop Mixtape that does not disappoint.

Smurf indicated that The Mixtape aims to promote and expose the quality work done by Stockroom Productionz in an effort to attract the attention of other artists and producers with the hopes of collaborations. “I think as Vincentians everyone should work together to build the music industry so we can be known locally regionally and internationally” he says.

The project mainly features Stamina Smurf himself (the brother spits fire) along with New Yorkan singer and rapper Soul Gifted and Gemini  as well as  Vincentian singer Shazeke and his main group 5 Star Generalz. Stock Associates can be downloaded for  free on as well as from

Stockroom Productionz is currently preparing for the 2015 Vincy Carnival season with the hopes of winning another title. The young producer is not only talented at making Soca and Hip Hop beats but does RnB and Dancehall as well. Hit him up on facebook  @Shem Thomas or contact the co-owner of Stockroom Productionz @Mikhal Moonie Haynes or email them at  for inquires.

Listen to the Mixtape below.


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