‘Toast to Life’ is the newest release out of MasterRoom. This dance fusion Ragga Soca by Cameron was inspired by tragedy but is a gracious celebration of life. Read the promotional write up that accompanied the track below for the story.

Nine years ago whilst going about his daily routine, Cameron got a call that his wife, the mother of his children, died suddenly of a heart attack and in that instant life changed for Cameron. His children became his number ONE and only priority, being at their side was all that mattered to Cameron. During this time Cameron had time to reflect on how his life had changed with the loss of his wife and to now raise his children on his own. Two years ago an intervention came to him and he decided to write a song dedicating it to his children and at length to anyone who has lost someone special in their lives even to those who may be going through life’s many obstacles and painful situations. This lead Cameron to team up with mega hit producer Mark Cyrus of MasterRoom who bought you the acclaim Nookie Song by JamesyP.

The track, Toast To Life is meant to assure even reassure all of us that although we go through all the challenges, pain, hardship, trials, tribulations and numerous test during this lifetime at the end of it all we still have something to be thankful and grateful for; and that’s the gift of life.

So as the carnival seasons around the globe draws to a close, and other events are on the way, to many of us, a better way to continue on this life’s journey is to start giving thanks for life; and as Cameron said “Live it up and let it flow, and give a toast to life, cause you don’t know about tomorrow, so give a toast life.” Cheers #ToastToLife



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