The Fete Life Riddim is a Fryktion Music Problem Child collaboration, and we all know how those turn out; together they can do no wrong. The riddim features King Bubba, Shardah, Mr. LegzHT, and of Course Patrice Roberts and Problem himself. Our favorite is somewhere between Bubba, Problem and Patrice. And although the riddim is not as awe inspiring as the legendary Spanish Fly Riddim, Fete Life lives up to expectations; Job well done guys, We Approve.

The incredible thing about the riddim is not just that Problem Child penned all the songs ( with the exception of Hangover by Mr. LegzHT), its the fact that he wrote all four songs to the same music. Problem has the amazing talent to write songs for other artists that perfectly suit them, so Bubba doesn’t sound like he’s singing a Problem Child song.

This is not just great business for Problematic Media and Fryktion Music but it also makes for awesome music. The Fete Life Riddim is a wonderful contribution to Soca music.








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