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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association for Music Professionals held their second annual SVG AMP awards last Friday night. The whole event in an effort to recognize the achievements of our Vincentian artists.  The event in its second year did not go off without hitches but there was an improvement from last year and that’ s a good sign.

In comparison to last year’s event attendance was up and there seemed to be an effort on the part of the attendees to adhere to the dress code. The evening proceedings went on without event for the most part (save for a few blunders by the announcers).The announcement of the winners across all categories was met with applause from those in attendance with Alston Becket Cyrus recieving a full house standing ovation as he was presented with a special honors award.

The importance and appreciation for the awards show was evident as many winners and nominees took to social media to showcase their winnings and outfits for the night.

Wetty Beatz showing off his Riddim of the year Award for Wreck it Riddim, collected by Royal on his behalf (who appears on the riddim)
Gem and Manager Dawson Lewis of Kreative Ent, on the red carpet showing off her Best New Female Award. Gem was quite possibly the best dressed lady in the house.
Rodney via social media showing his appreciation for winning AVG AMp Award for Best Live Band
Rodney Small’s red carpet swag. We love the look.
Problem Child via social media, proud of his win for best Vocal Collaboration with Born to WIn featuring Patrice Roberts.
Nominee for Musician of the year Zan George on the Amp Awards Red Carpet
Skinny Fabulous took to Instagram moments after the show to display his winnings.
K-netic lead vocalist Keido on the Red Carpet.
Dynamite on the Red Carpet with his award
Rapper Prez took to Facebook to show appreciation for his winnings.





Fireman Hooper, Skinny Fabulous and Fya Empress all competed in the International Soca Monarch Semifinals last night, with Skinny and Fire competing in both the Groovy and Power categories. They all gave a good account for themselves on stage. However the only sure bet for us was Mr. fabulous as his performances left no room for doubt. We’re  anxious to see what his Fantastic Friday performance is going to look like. Hopefully the judges share our sentiments.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Fire and Skinny putting up a united front for Vincy music. Long standing tensions and rivalries seem to have been put to the side in an effort to make a greater impact on the Trinidad carnival scene. It was wonderful to see the guys coming together. Earlier in the day Skinny posted a pic via Instragam with the two Monarchs in a display of respect and unity. They later showed support for each other onstage appearing in each other’s set flying the Vincy flag.


We hope the united front lasts and the dusts settles for good, because after last year’s Soca Monarch drama and the changing landscape in radio, the division won’t profit anyone.

Check out some pics from ISM Semis 2015 with our Vincy Monarchs onstage.

crowd crowd 2 empress and crew fire fire 2 fireims skinnyims skinnyims2 skinnyims3 firemanskinnyims4



Sunshine and beautiful beaches is what’s up for the Royal family. Kate Middleton, Prince William and their darling little Prince George is visiting the luxurious Grenadine Island of Mustique for a beach vacation. The Royals arrived  in the country during the middle of last week and the vacation was planned as part of the celebrations of the Dutchess of Cambridge’s mother, Carole Middleton’s, 60th birthday.

The couple and their 18 month old son are staying in a $25,000 a week hilltop villa boasting a 64 foot pool and a staff of six. The island, part of the archipelago that makes up St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has long been a popular travel destination for the Royal family and many other celebrities including Michel Jackson, Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger.

Mustique is truly a unique private idyll,  The islands’ exquisite weather and natural beauty of rocky headlands, dramatic hilltops and pristine palm fringed beaches, make it a paradise on earth. The Grenadine island also has the most exclusive collection of villas anywhere in the world, making it one of the premiere vacation destinations for the affluent.

Mustique 1 mustique 2 Mustique 3 Mustique 4 Mustique 5 Mustique 6


One of our favorite Soca artists Benji, was here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines over the weekend to film his Phenomenal video. Phenomenal is quite possible his hottest release for TnT’s carnival 2015, as well as a hit here in Vincy. He even made time to treat patrons at the Huffles Ranch with a short performance on Friday night.  Not only is he a long time Vincentian crowd favorite but Benji also has Vincentian roots. #IsWeFamily

Peep some behind the scenes photos of Benji and the phenomenal team on location at the Argyle construction site. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Photography by Rohan Bellingy of I-Candi Pictures 
Overhead Photography & Video Direccted by MILCvision


10917876_382986498542571_2637247063930792551_n 10923389_382987088542512_3521135243169393122_n 10422418_382986075209280_1850948720976892092_n 10923678_382997851874769_7255136002305687871_n 10600498_382986525209235_7431203497059833183_n 10686668_382983481876206_9092421388040627582_n 10915172_382511691923385_2343366556550124913_n 10923389_382987088542512_3521135243169393122_n 10926450_382986185209269_5976574996020092050_n



If you haven’t heard of the new radio stations on the scene here in SVG then you better get out from under that rock.

After much talk of  TnT’s Boom Champions coming to Vincy under the management of Dwight ‘Bing’ Joseph, a  renaissance man, so to speak, of St. Vincent media; It’s finally there. Boom 106.9 has been testing since last week and has promised to satisfy the needs of the listeners.

Bing was one of the early voices of Hot 97 and lent much credibility to the station. He however left following a nasty breakup amid allegations of misappropriation of funds, sources say. Now after years of rumors of the arrival of Boom Champions, (supposed direct competition for Hot) Boom 106.9 should be live within the next few weeks.

Incidentally Boom isn’t the only new channel on the dial. Xtreem 104.3/ 88.5 Fm was officially launched yesterday with final testing this weekend and fully live from Monday 19th January. Mark Richardson and Davon Cato are the proprietors behind the new urban station.

There has been a massive exodus from the various radio stations to Boom and Xtreem, particularly from Hot 97, where even administrative staff have opted to move on to suspected greener pastures. Rumored tensions between Richardson and Luke Boyea of Hot 97, steaming from a spat that involved event preparations for Stush and Hypnosis, has made this situation even more interesting.

The addition of new stations would suggest a more competitive atmosphere, lower advertising prices, new DJs and personalities, and I quite suspect that local artists would welcome the added outlets for their music. I personally hope for higher local content and in particular look forward to seeing their impact on the 2015 Carnival season and beyond.

However the similar ‘urban radio’ format that exist in Boom, Xtreem, Hot and Hitz leave us hoping that we don’t end up with just more of the same thing, as more stations should mean more diversity of sound, programming and style.

Go check out the new stations and follow them on twitter for updates