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In other salty news, Luke Boyea was in the papers over the weekend throwing stones at the recently launched radio station Xtreme FM. His little tirade was annexed to a report on a recently done electronic media survey that showed that ‘The News’ newspaper and his Hot 97 SVG dominated the polls.  This poorly written piece was published in ‘The News’ on February 13th, something I probably wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t brought to my attention. Apparently I am one of the few persons who no longer subject myself to questionable journalism and atrocious grammar (but i guess that’s good enough to be number one?).

I have to say I was thoroughly amused and a little surprised by the article. Although I really shouldn’t have been surprised at all. Lukeboy had been going pretty hard on twitter recently touting the results of the poll and just basically throwing shade left right and center.   I’m sure anyone would be proud to know that their establishment was on top but his over the top responses and tweets concerning his ‘lack of competition’  tickled my funny bone.

In his interview with the paper, Luke described  Xtreme FM as a station born out of bitterness and not love, He says that they lack creativity, appeal and content and even went as far as to say that the station has no soul. This coming from the Managing Director of an imported radio station, that basically copied the broadcast format and content of the parent station. Hot 97 SVG even has the ‘Donkey of the Day’ segment, minus Charlemagne, and lets not talk about the website where the first thing you see is Jay Z with the New York skyline in the backdrop.

Now, I’m not saying that Hot 97 did nothing to affect the landscape of radio in St. Vincent, and so far I haven’t seen the changes that I was most hoping for with the advent of the new stations. But he just sounds salty to me, why put all this energy into attempts to tear down something that isn’t even a threat?

This spat between Mark and Luke seems to go pretty deep but it all just come across as a rich boy peeing contest to me. Game recognize game and I guess bitter recognize bitter too.  I’ve been told that quite a few letters have even been sent out  to businesses citing the recent survey and encouraging them to keep advertising with Hot 97. I don’t know how common a practice that is for him, but something tells me it isn’t, and Luke is just worried about his spot.

Personally I think Hot and  Xtreme are just 6 of one and half dozen of the other. They are both about the same thing in the end. I’m still hoping that the new stations would at least make an impact on the approaching carnival season in relation to  radio play and ad prices, but I’m not holding my breath.  As far as I can tell the promotion of local content on the radio is still quite poor.

It’s apparent that Mr. Boyea has been on the war path for quite some time now and is not holding any punches. But really, does that sound like a man unthreatened to you? I hope the other station does not take the bait by responding, because more bacchanal in the radio is the last thing the entertainment industry needs . I never thought I’d be saying this but go grab The News from last week and get tickled yourself. Also, peep some of his tweets below, the man out for blood oui. This could get VERY interesting.

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