A Date With my Phone Company

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LIME 4G Carnival Reset

Victoria Park

May 16th  2014

I didn’t work on Friday and spent the entire day at home watching Frozen and Dragon Ball Z. By the time it was dark I was just itching to go out.  I got 4 receipts tickets from LIME to their latest shindig almost a month before. I had to make an effort not to lose them.  So after a slow day at home, we decided to go to the Victora Park to check out the LIME 4G Carnival Reset show. LIME, Skinny Fabulous and Major Lazer Lit up the Park to officially launch LIME  4G.

We got there a little late and missed Hyperactive Sounds and just caught the tail end of Team Energy Overload’s set. There were actually a lot more people there than I had anticipated, I guess people were interested in seeing if Walshy Fire of Major Lazer was gonna bring it or perhaps it was those free tickets with every top up. Either way the vibe was nice.

Now I have to say that I’ve been wanting to break up with LIME for the longest while, their service has been a pain in the ass recently, but Friday night was like a date night and there were fireworks. No really, there was a proclamation of 4G … ness  … followed by half hearted fireworks.  Lucky for LIME I didn’t go for the pyrotechnics.

Walshy Fire hit the stage and set it ablaze. I thoroughly enjoyed his set, it was dynamic and diverse. As a representative of the famed Major Lazer he didn’t disappoint.  Skinny also gave a good show and was his usual Fabulous self with back up dancers and everything. He really had the mosh pit people up front on their worst behavior. I couldn’t help but notice however, that his latest track ‘Light Up’ was still not connecting with the masses despite it being shoved down our throats played regularly on the radio. This track is recorded on the LIME 4G riddim so I suppose that accounts for that. (Can you tell I’m not a very happy LIME customer right now?)  I guess people just don’t like it that much.

LIME Soca Dans gave a really good showing as well. Apart from their classics, Luta came with his latest big tune ‘Till Morning’, people truly love that one. Shaunell with her sweet voice, Hance with his good songs and dynamic performance. The Tripple X Megga Dawg Weapon of Mass Destruction …… you know the rest, or nah;  Fireman Hooper, came with his usual hype and a promise that This Carnival, it’s going to  be war on the Soca Battlefield.  I swear that Fireman enjoys performing some of his colleagues’ songs more than they do themselves , regardless of who is singing he is always super energetic.

Although we missed half the show I still had a ball, so even though me and LIME not on terms I have to thank them for a night well spent.

P.S: This carnival if you see a Subway tent…. just don’t…. unless bread and cheese and salami is your kind of  thing.


Creative Flow

Kreative launch

Kre8tive Entertainment Group Music Launch

Flow Wine Bar

May 15th 2014


Last Thursday the lime began early after work, at Flow Wine Bar in Kingstown. Kre8tive Entertainment Group was launching new music for the Carnival season and they did it in  style.  My homie Colombian was the host so you know it was all love.

Dawson Lewis, the mastermind behind Kre8tive Entertainment, had sent us the coolest little invitation the week before, shaped like a CD and placed in those white paper CD pouches.   I was super excited to hear what they had in store for us.

Flow made for a really cozy venue. I sipped on red rum and coke with lime for the evening and I swear I can live off those chicken strips they were serving as hors d’oeuvers.

A slew of A- listers were present including Rene Baptiste aka Mama Culture, Hans King the PM’s Press Secretary, Bomani, President of  SVG AMP, Luke Boyea, the owner of  HOT 97 SVG, Alex Barnwell and Skinny Fabulous and  IK Tv owner Bing Joseph who made sure that the event was covered. Hope I catch it when it airs.

But to the good stuff. Kre8tive has four artists; Daneel, Kev, Koko and Gem. Dan, my Pooh Bear, is just a super talented and super beautiful songstress,  so I was especially proud to see that she was putting in major work after recently joining the Kr8tive team.  Kev has the potential to be a great song writer,  Koko has that star quality and stage presence that makes him stand out and- Gem -CAN- SING, as well as pen some of the best soul songs you can hear.

Without any ado, (thankfully) the artists introduced them selves, we got a quick listen to some of the tracks and they all gave us a short but memorable performance of a song. They were backed by the musical  genius Andy Cruickshank on the keyboard and the most sought after and experienced guitarist in Vincy the great Zan George. It was truly a top class showcase.

Gem’s soulful delivery really touched the audience, Koko did his rap thing and the ladies loved him. Kev’s ‘Slackness’ was my favorite song of the night, like I said the youth can write hoss, and his Trini accent helps too.

The highlight for me though, was Daneel, she was really in her element.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed that she meant business. She commanded the stage and gave us the sexiest rendition of a Soca track I’ve  heard in a long while. Her track  ‘Ah rude’ is a collaboration with Kes, and they all should be beating down the radio by this time next week.

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