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This year Hypa took the scene by storm. He certainly isn’t just ‘trying a thing’, he is legit a good soca artist with hit songs and I have the feeling he will be around for a very long time.

Peep his video for Dutty Dancing produced by Raw Boss Films, very fun footage. I did expect to see Dutty in the video doing his trademark dance (Dutty is a character from Questelles who I’m sure gave some inspiration to Lester and Shane for the track). There is of course a whole lot of dutty dancing going on though. We love the video. Doh Beat up.





EVENT: Cheaters Paradise 5: Wifie Rebel

PROMOTER: Hyperactive Soundz #imovewidhypa

VENUE: Club Heights

DATE: Saturday – 7th February 2015

COVER: Admission to go $15.00 before 12:00 :: VIP Lounge $50.00

DETAILS:For Wives and Wifie material Only !!

DJs Hyperactive Sounds and friends

Contact Hyperactive to be placed on the VIP Guest list.

Dress Code: Black, Red White or Pink (check flyer for details)

More Water More Machel

H2O Soca:  Wet Fete   h201

Arnos Vale Sporting Complex

June 28th 2014


Wet Fete has the reputation of being one of the most epic shows for the season. This year it even made it onto the Official Carnival Calendar of events.   Hot 97 SVG in collaboration with LIME and Carib Beer brought us more water and more Machel. The headliner for Wet Fete over the years has been Machel Montano, so far it seems to be working but I don’t know how much longer I would be willing to go see Machel every year for H2O, but that’s just me, everybody else seems to be fine with it.

We got to the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex and parked without any fuss. We missed a few acts, some I didn’t really care for but I was disappointed I didn’t get there in time to see Mad Skull and Vincy Mashall.  The show was great. I stayed just out of reach of the range of the water but close enough to the stage to see comfortably.

The artists didn’t spend particularly long on stage, but this made for a very dynamic show, they were backed by the big bad band Kenetics.  Royal the first act we saw on stage, gave a good show. Hypa 4000 4000 4000 was great, full of energy and commanded the stage. I always love how he sounds almost exactly the same live as he does on record. So although he may not be the best vocalist on record by the time he performs the track, once you liked the song to begin with,  you aren’t disappointed because it doesn’t sound any different. Luta was also great, I have to admit, I wasn’t always a Luta fan but these days I’ve been really enjoying his performances.

Jamesy –P was also there to share his licks. His set was good, slightly lacking in energy but still up to standard. Demus was great his performance of ‘No Problem’ was a hit.  I got my money’s worth of fete when Problem Child hit the stage. This man dropped hit after hit from 19 how long, and when he got around to ‘No Discipline’ the entire venue went wild. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love that track, especially the intro; MAD!

Fireman gave his usual high energy performance. I had to run for cover when he sang ‘Unruly’, people simply rioted and I didn’t want to get hurt.  I was also surprised that he still got an insanely intense response when he performed ‘Spiritual’.  He also surprised us by crowd surfing in a huge bubble, it was awesome! I got the impression that this was really just a prop for the show and he was the only artist brave enough to try it out.  Fireman really engaged the crowd and gave an admirable performance.

Skinny was great, except he sounded extremely hoarse, I mean his voice was just not there. He demolished the venue with ‘No tomorrow’ and ‘Red Button’ but for me the state of his voice took away from his performance.  He even changed location and got high on a scaffolding in the middle of the Sporting complex; this brought him closer to his fans and was a definite plus for his set. I hope his voice heals in time for Soca Monarch.

Machel came on to close the show and partied with Wet Fete until the sun came up. He had with him Patrice Roberts who looked banging as usual, and his perpetually sexy dancers. Although his presentation this year was nowhere near as epic as last year, and it seemed he was having some issues with his band, it was still amazing. Machel is truly in a class by himself.  He brought The General back on stage and tore up the place a little more performing ‘Happiest man Alive’ and ‘Behaving the Worst’ together. It was all good and we were all pretty nice at this point.

There were also a few Dj’s on the show; Team Energy Overload, X and Dog Sounds and 2 Kool Chris. They all played a couple of times during the show, one of Team Energy Overload’s set sounded really similar to what they did for Black Rave but they did do a good job. For me though it was X and Dog who really put down for this show.

H2O Soca was a hit, people got wasted, the bars were well stocked and the food overpriced, the performances entertaining and Machel was super, the water was wet and the outfits were outrageous. What more could we ask for?

Much to be Desired

South Leeward Carnival Launchingfoam

Dzia Night Club

May 24th 2014

May is almost over and it seemed as though all the Rural Carnivals throughout the island, were rushed into the last two weeks left in the month. I would expect that following the Official Launch of Vincy Mas at the end of April, Rurals would  take over until Miss SVG at the end of May, but alas, reason does not always prevail in these matters.

I was excited on Saturday to go to the South Leeward Carnival launch because it’s in my hood and because the launch events of the previous years held at Dzia had been really good. This year left much to be desired. It turned out to be not so much the launching of this areas Carnival, as it was just another foam party.

We arrived at the venue some time after 1:00 a.m. The Questelles Block was buzzing and vehicles were parked along the main road. There was not a shortage of people and we could tell that the party was swinging. The Foam Fete was located on the inside so soapy water could be seen leaking from under the main entrance.

King Kofi of Hyperactive Sounds was on the turn tables and flattening the fete. It was hot in there… in more ways than one. The floor was wet and foamy and there were girls in leotards and short shorts under the foam machine behaving the worst. I tolerated the heat for about an hour before heading outside.

I left Kofi inside demolishing the dance floor and made a bee line for the bar, I wasn’t the only one. The yard was soon filled with patrons escaping the sweltering dance floor. It was a shame that they had no music on the outside, all that could be heard was the buzz of conversation and the faint sounds of music coming from the inside. There were also a couple of Real Madrid fans walking around in their jerseys repping for their team’s win of the Champions League Cup earlier that day, Shout out all the Madrid fans.

While cooling down and sipping on Sparrows and ginger ale I could faintly hear Skinny Banton’s Saltfish sending the people on the inside wild. Kofi was playing Soca, I was so tempted to go back in, but nah. I really was disappointed, I felt deceived. This wasn’t a carnival Launch!! I suppose I would not have felt this way If I knew beforehand that I was just, plain and simply, going to the club.

I finished my drink and got back home to watch the final episodes of the Freeza Saga of Dragon Ball Z before going to bed.