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Young Soca Dan Hance John releases ‘Atmosphere’, a vibezy jump and wave Ragga Soca tune with that distinct Master Room Studios sound.




Two of Vincy’s better song writers and members of Soca Dans Luta and Hance brings us this rhythmic Ragga Soca track’Sunset Spring’. This is the first we’re hearing from Hance for the season but Luta has already dropped a couple of songs.

Performed by: Luta & Hance
Produced & Mixed by: Mark Cyrus of Masterrom Studios
Executive Producer: Island Network Inc.
Written by: Hance and Luta
Mastering by : Dining Room Music


Stranded on the Beach

Soca On the Beachsoca-on-the-beach-2

Rawacou Reciational Park

June 29th 2014


I have always enjoyed Island Network’s / Soca Dans’ Soca on the Beach; it has always had an atmosphere of freedom and a kind of leisurely fun.  Held on Rawacou beach, although a little hard to get to, once on the beach it’s all good.  The cast this year was promising and the local acts were joined by Denise Belfon and Fayann Lyons with the Asylum Band.

It was very rainy the entire day, and although the rain did hold up for a while during the late evening, I was still expecting some showers. Rain was the only thing I imagined would dampen the fun and as a friend always says ‘rain does only stop cricket’ so even that was minor.

I finally got to see Vicny Marshall and Mad Skull perform and they were both impressive. Especially Vincy Marshall, the ease with which he  interacting with the band and the audience was unexpected. The Hairoun Hit Squad was present minus Wiz Skid, who knows why he didn’t show. DJ 20 was fine but Royal was just not having a good night. Hypa 4000 also did his thing and the ladies loved his performance.

Luta and Hance were wondereful. Hance has some pretty good tracks that would have done much better with the right push.  Shaunelle was great and Fya Empress was really entertaining. Im not entirely fond of many of Empress’ tracks this year but her performance was on point. Problem Child was probably the best dressed cast member and he delivered with fresh energy as though Wet fete never happened.

Skinny Fabulous was quite the rage and to my delight his voice was sounding a whole lot better than it did that morning at wet fete.  Fireman’s performance was pure energy and was extended because the rain began to pour. He just kept at it till it had calmed enough for the next person to come on stage. I could imagine all his fans there were just delighted.

I was forced to listen to Sassy and Fayann from the shelter of a gazebo. They were OK, I suppose I wasn’t that impressed because I wasn’t able to see.  At this point the rain was just pouring down with no end in sight. I decided that it was now a good time to leave, as it was already some time after 1:00 a.m and the rain wasn’t about to let up. We weren’t the only ones either. This is where my entire Soca On the Beach experience went from win to ruin.

Island Network promised a shuttle service from the parking area (on the site of the international airport) to the beach and back. When we arrived, they insisted that we park in that area, as they were not allowing vehicles to go any further. The passenger van arrived fairly quickly to take us to the venue,  but now that we wanted to head back to the parking area there were no shuttles to be seen. Neither of the two buses were operating and no one we asked could confirm whether or not the so called shuttle would be returning to take us back to our car.

We decided to be patient.  Scores of patrons were already taking the hike through the rain and mud, but we trusted that Island Network would not leave us stranded, the bus had to come back … rite? Well we were wrong. After waiting for about an hour, a period in which the bus could have made about 4 trips to and from the venue we decided to brave the rain and muck and trek back to the car.

Words cannot adequately describe how furious we all were. If guided by our own intuition we would have parked closer as we had done in previous years. But we were told that no parking was allowed at the venue (although upon arrival we did see a few ‘special’ persons who were allowed to park down there). Why were we being forced to walk in the rain and mud back to the paring lot? where were the shuttles that we were promised? Why was it that no one knew what was happening? Island Network got some splaining to do!

It didn’t end there though when we finally got to the car wet, muddy and exhausted, the parking space was dark. The spotlights that were there when we arrived, were gone and it was difficult to see where the path lay to drive out of the area. Was this some sort of trap?  I wont be too quick to attend another Island Network event soon and especially not at Rawacou particularly if they insist that we cannot park where we choose to.

Every Body Signal!

White on the Dock: 20/20white-on-the-dock

Cruise Ship Terminal

07th June 2014

Last Saturday everyone on the dock celebrated with Luta, marking this year as his 20th anniversary in the Soca business, and I tell you man, it was just pure vibes. This show is turning out to be one of the better shows for the Carnival. Last year was really good and this year was even better.

Kenetics were the backing band and they gave a satisfactory account for themselves. Fugitive was the MC. He wasn’t too bad this time round and by no accident either. We were informed that the band Signal and Uncle Scotty were to blame for the phenomenon known as Fugitive (shout out to Uncle Scotty) . I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope he keeps this up though, because it doesn’t look like he will be retiring from being an MC anytime soon.

Bomani opened the show and gave a much better performance than he did the weekend before at Soca Swing. White on the Dock was in fact THE authentic big people party and grown folk sure love them some Bomani. The crowd showed a lotta love for Skarypon too, who touched the stage in style.

Poosah was also there to celebrate with Luta. This fellow has the best onstage dance, honestly. He attempted to buss a new track; something about riding on an elephant, but it appeared that the band had a bit of trouble performing the song. We just have to wait for it to hit the radio now. Shaunelle of course was there to congratulate Luta on his milestone as well. She was the excuse reason for White on the Dock last year and I honestly hope they find something to celebrate next year. Her performance was powerful as usual and seemed too short; we wanted more.

Even the folks trying to get drinks at the bar were having a good time. You couldn’t blame them really; the ‘one hard liquor bar thing’ wasn’t working out. This wasn’t a beer crowd, and the bartenders weren’t the most efficient ones either. It was either ‘whine up while you wait’ or get vex, and most people choose the latter.

Things got real when Luta and Signal took over. The Crowd Motivator gave his usual live performance, rolled up pant leg and all. He dropped his biggest tunes in recent years, as expected. The party turned all the way up though, when he and the still sexy Pat Raggege, preformed those old Signal tunes. They gave me a serious case of nostalgia.

Luta gave me my ‘Bam Bam Rollers’ fix, that being my favorite Signal tune, I was really worried that I wasn’t going to hear it seeing that Papa Das was on the righteous path. Regardless, everybody was anxious to see him perform. Although he didn’t do Bam Bam Rollers he did most definitely deliver a reggae performance for the books, I was totally pleased with it. He held his own on a Soca stage singing conscious music.

Hance (my favorite Soca Dan) and Fireman Hooper also delivered an enjoyable set. It seemed though, that they were running short on time because Jamesy P’s performance was a bit rushed, albeit fun. Skinny Fabulous was also present. He pushed the Red Button for most of his set and the people responded. This track seems to be shaping up to be the Soca Monarch and Road March of the year. This man gets love everywhere he goes. He was however the only artiste on the show not wearing white. In fact he was decked out in grey (a compromise?). Am I to assume that the General does not own white clothes? I hope none of the cast for Black Rave turns up in white next weekend.

The highlight of the night for me was the veterans. Nobody can make me party like Becket can, he is a legend and he was looking extra sharp in his white suit; best dressed performer for the night. The Black Stalin, decked in white with his Southey Sagaboy swag, put it down good and proper, rag swinging from his back pocket and all. He even brought a band director and the difference could be heard; best accessory for the night

White on the Dock was a hit. The vibes was just amazing, everybody partying and having a ball. If you want to see old folks behave the worst come to this fete, I promise. The venue wasn’t packed and that wasn’t a bad thing, it left enough room for everybody to fete like a king. I truly look forward to next years’ White on the Dock perhaps we will be celebrating with Fireman Hooper or with Hance, in any case It should only get better.

Soca Swing: The Big People Party

Soca Swing

Photo taken from www.Hitz1037.com
Photo taken from http://www.Hitz1037.com

Victoria Park

June 1st 2014


My Sunday Night was well spent in the Victoria Park with Hitz 103.7  FM and the Island Network family, at what felt like the first proper Carnival fete in the Park for the season. Soca Swing this year was a Big people fete, featuring Farmer Nappy out of TnT and the Rolly Polly King himself, Mr. Killa from Greenz. The Soca Swing that featured every Vincy act with a hit song and no foreign artiste, seems to be a thing of the past and in my humble opinion sadly so. It seems to me,  if the promoter isn’t importing talent, they feel like the show isn’t big enough, and to be honest I don’t think Soca Swing needed that. But hey! We do what’s trendy I suppose.

That issue aside, I had a pretty good time. Dr. Fugitive was the MC for the night; this guy is not my favorite MC okay. I just wanted to make that clear.  The venue was packed, and the Soca Hooligans came out in their uniforms; shorts, tees and long socks. The Hitz Fm  DJ’s played pretty well until the acts started flowing.

That new kid from the Vykins Band, Vincy Marshall, was first up with his hit ‘Faith’. He repped for himself pretty well. Wizz Skyd, Royal and Keith Currency also  delivered. I particularly love Wizz’s performance of  ‘Feteologist’. Royal brought the madness to the stage and even dropped a few Problem Child flavors, bigging up Problem as a  Soca hero.  Keith Currency danced his heart out up there, you can just tell that this youth is a real life, party animal.

Bomani also hit the stage delivering some of his hit songs. Vocally, he seemed to be having an off night but his performance was just as entertaining as it usually is. The Stinger Man Skarpyon was not to be left out; he displayed his versatility and range as an artiste with a hard and a soft side.  The LIME Soca Dans  seems to be dominating the scene so far this year, headlining a number of shows this season.  I’m always happy to see Hans, his Soca Swing performance was just full of energy and he owned that stage.

A lot of people came out to the show too, I got to see and lime with folks I hadn’t seen for a good long minute. Even the bar soon ran out of Sparrows leaving me high, dry  and drinking vodka. That old faithful Soca Swing crowd isn’t going anywhere guys.

The final acts came on stage after a short  DJ interlude.  Farmer Nappy the Big People Party man came to the stage and gave us some of his newer tunes and some old songs from his Xtatic days.; a really good set. The General Skinny Fabulous then entertained us. The crowd was super excited for his performance of ‘Red Button’, this seems to be the track that’s going to do damage this year.  Finally Mr. Killa closed the show, he did a few songs but basically performed Rolly Polly the whole time. Killa has a potty mouth and his dialogue was somewhat amusing. I wasn’t so inclined to stick out the rest of his performance though,  as I truly felt Rolly Polly saturation. We left the park with Killa on stage,  it was late anyway and I had work early that morning.


A Date With my Phone Company

taken from LIME SVG Facebook page

LIME 4G Carnival Reset

Victoria Park

May 16th  2014

I didn’t work on Friday and spent the entire day at home watching Frozen and Dragon Ball Z. By the time it was dark I was just itching to go out.  I got 4 receipts tickets from LIME to their latest shindig almost a month before. I had to make an effort not to lose them.  So after a slow day at home, we decided to go to the Victora Park to check out the LIME 4G Carnival Reset show. LIME, Skinny Fabulous and Major Lazer Lit up the Park to officially launch LIME  4G.

We got there a little late and missed Hyperactive Sounds and just caught the tail end of Team Energy Overload’s set. There were actually a lot more people there than I had anticipated, I guess people were interested in seeing if Walshy Fire of Major Lazer was gonna bring it or perhaps it was those free tickets with every top up. Either way the vibe was nice.

Now I have to say that I’ve been wanting to break up with LIME for the longest while, their service has been a pain in the ass recently, but Friday night was like a date night and there were fireworks. No really, there was a proclamation of 4G … ness  … followed by half hearted fireworks.  Lucky for LIME I didn’t go for the pyrotechnics.

Walshy Fire hit the stage and set it ablaze. I thoroughly enjoyed his set, it was dynamic and diverse. As a representative of the famed Major Lazer he didn’t disappoint.  Skinny also gave a good show and was his usual Fabulous self with back up dancers and everything. He really had the mosh pit people up front on their worst behavior. I couldn’t help but notice however, that his latest track ‘Light Up’ was still not connecting with the masses despite it being shoved down our throats played regularly on the radio. This track is recorded on the LIME 4G riddim so I suppose that accounts for that. (Can you tell I’m not a very happy LIME customer right now?)  I guess people just don’t like it that much.

LIME Soca Dans gave a really good showing as well. Apart from their classics, Luta came with his latest big tune ‘Till Morning’, people truly love that one. Shaunell with her sweet voice, Hance with his good songs and dynamic performance. The Tripple X Megga Dawg Weapon of Mass Destruction …… you know the rest, or nah;  Fireman Hooper, came with his usual hype and a promise that This Carnival, it’s going to  be war on the Soca Battlefield.  I swear that Fireman enjoys performing some of his colleagues’ songs more than they do themselves , regardless of who is singing he is always super energetic.

Although we missed half the show I still had a ball, so even though me and LIME not on terms I have to thank them for a night well spent.

P.S: This carnival if you see a Subway tent…. just don’t…. unless bread and cheese and salami is your kind of  thing.